Double Axle Tipping Trailer 2-PTS-4.5
Double Axle Tipping Trailer 2-PTS-4.5
Manufacturer: Agromașina (Moldova)
2PTS-4.5 is a double axles farm trailer with three sides tipping what allowes to unload the cargo in a preferred destination. Construction was tested by many users and it has proven its quality and safety. Trailer can be equipped with additional shutters.

Transport speed

35 km/h

Load capacity

4500 kg

Tipping system 


Sidewall height

500 mm

Loading space

 9,5 m2

Load volume 

5 m3

Working speed, max.

6-8 km/h

Empty weight

1950 kg


5800 mm


2465 mm


1870 mm

Tractor power requirement

55 kw